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An open tournament was hosted by our club this past Sunday, April 7th, 2002, at the Exposition Park Library in Los Angeles (photos below).

The winners, with their final scores, were:

1st Quad David Nufer 2 1/2 - 1/2
2nd Quad Jerome Poinssett 3-0
3rd Quad August Galace 3-0
4th Quad Chris Habu 3-0
5th Quad George Zamalea 3-0        

There was also a Swiss System section to the tournament which consisted of six players. There was, however, a five-way tie for first place in this section. The names of these latter winners were:

Dessi Quito
Vince Warner
Alexandre[sic] Ciancio
Mario Hernandez
Hector Siu

The final score of all the Swiss System winners was 2-0. With the 20 players in the Quad system part of the tournament, together with the six players in the Swiss System section, there was a grand total of 26 players who competed in our tournament.