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Exposition Park May 2002 Chess Tournament  

Exposition Park May 2002 Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament  
Sunday, May 5th, at the Exposition Park Public Library.

The names of the winners, and their final scores, are as follows:

1st Quad Nathan Hala 2-0
2nd Quad Collette McGruder 3-0
3rd Quad Frank Cipriani 3-0
4th Quad Hector Contreras 3-0
5th Quad Ken Philipson 3-0
6th Quad Kevin Huddleston 3-0
7th Quad Christophe Carter 3-0
8th Quad Marc Conde 3-0
9th Quad There was a tie for first place between Luis Brioso and Arthur Libman, both with a final score of 2-0.

There were a total of nine full quads in this well-attended tournament; No anonymous house players participated in the tournament. The total number of competitors in the tournament was 36. When not hosting tournaments, our club holds regular meetings on Sundays, from 1:00 to 4:30 PM. In these meetings there is a wide variety of chess-related activities including, but not limited to, chess games for pleasure, simultaneous games against a USCF-rated Expert or Master, analysis of games, and general chess instruction. To find out further information about our club, its history, and future plans, the public is invited to visit our Web site at: For those interested in attending our meetings, our meeting place, in close vicinity to USC [], is located at:

Exposition Park Regional Library
3665 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Tel.: 1 323 732 0169
Fax: 1 213 612 0540

Photo of one of the first place winners is below: